3 Main Elements of a Classroom Sound Reinforcement System

Classroom sound reinforcement amplifies a teacher’s voice into a noisy classroom filled with kids. The overall goal is for the teacher to be heard more clearly, especially if the teacher has to wear a mask as mandated by health officials. In today’s blog from American Sound, we describe the three main components of a classroom sound reinforcement system.

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1. Microphone

The teacher wears a microphone, usually as a lightweight appliance around the neck. Even though they are lightweight, these microphones are heavy-duty, withstanding hours of continuous use. Inside the microphone is a lithium-ion battery that recharges after a day of teaching. Handy controls allow the teacher to increase or decrease the volume and turn the unit on or off.

The idea here is to have a hands-free model that doesn’t interfere with the teacher’s normal movements. Lapel microphones with wires may get caught on clothing or on students. Headset microphones may not work well because it could interfere with a teacher’s mask.

2. Video or Interactive Screen

For larger classrooms, a video screen or interactive screen projects an image of the teacher on a wall or even to tablet computers in the hands of students. The camera is generally mounted high on a wall or the ceiling so it stays out of reach of curious students.

3. Ceiling-Mounted Speakers

The beauty of classroom sound reinforcement comes from the state-of-the-art speaker system. Ceiling-mounted speakers allow sound to travel in all directions to all corners of the room, which is much more effective than speakers at the front of the room projecting outward. Even better, ceiling mounts keep the speakers away from curious students. 

We might install one overhead speaker for smaller rooms or multiple speakers in larger classrooms for optimal performance. The staff at American Sound will come to your school, assess the needs of each individual room, and test the classroom sound reinforcement technology before the teacher uses it in a learning environment.

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Classroom Sound Reinforcement by American Sound

Classroom sound reinforcement represents an essential part of an overall classroom technology platform, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact American Sound or call (859) 261-9024 for more information on what we can do for your school.

5 Reasons Your Teachers Need Classroom Sound Reinforcement

School districts were forced to adapt to new learning models when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Classroom technology suddenly became a huge deal, with students learning remotely and teachers needing to practice social distancing in their classrooms. 

Have you heard of classroom sound reinforcement? It’s where teachers can amplify their voices via overhead speakers so they can be heard, even through a face covering. Today’s blog from American Sound outlines five reasons why your teachers need classroom sound reinforcement.

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1. Save Teachers’ Voices

Teachers must wear a mask to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Even in the best classroom conditions, it can be hard to hear a teacher speaking through a mask. Classroom sound reinforcement saves teachers’ voices so they can get through a long day of teaching without straining their vocal cords.

2. Improved Health of Teachers and Students

Social distancing, combined with face coverings, are two of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when you’re in a public setting, as laid out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. A teacher’s amplified voice helps him or her to maintain at least 6 feet of separation from students because the teacher’s voice can be heard from a distance.

3. Every Student Can Hear

Classrooms get noisy. Kids can’t help it. Whether you have a room full of kindergartners or 12th-graders, they’ll get loud. Classroom sound reinforcement allows every student to hear you because the speakers are overhead rather than at the front of the room. The sound travels in all directions so not one single decibel is wasted.

4. Instructions Come Across More Clearly

When students can hear, instructions come across more clearly. It’s already difficult to give individualized attention to dozens of students at once. Rather than getting close to students, a teacher can calmly give instructions through a classroom sound reinforcement system. Even better, integrated classroom technology helps this process along by having touchscreens, laptops, and tablets to enhance learning.

5. Better Classroom Learning Environment

Technology is cool. Kids love it, and they embrace it at an early age. When teachers and students are healthier and understand each other easily, it fosters a better learning environment. Students hear a teacher’s instructions, remember what was said, and complete tasks more effectively using this audio system. Combine classroom sound reinforcement with computer technology for lessons so teachers can help with all facets of their students’ learning abilities. 

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Classroom Technology by American Sound

Classroom sound reinforcement is a vital part of an overall classroom technology platform. Plus it can help your teachers and students stay healthier. Contact American Sound or call (859) 261-9024 for more information on what we can do for your school system.