Types of Wireless Portable Microphones for Classroom Voice Reinforcement

Classroom voice reinforcement can be a vital part of your classroom for many reasons. Your teachers can be heard over the din of the classroom. It can save their voices, particularly during the winter months when illnesses and sore throats are prevalent. Voice reinforcement can also improve learning within hybrid or in-person environments. 

Our professional sound system installers discuss the types of wireless portable microphones you might see on a classroom voice reinforcement system. When we say wireless, we’re talking about how they wirelessly connect to speakers throughout your classroom.

Lapel Microphones

When you think of wireless portable microphones, lapel microphones are probably the first thing you think about. They attach to a pocket on either side of a shirt or along the row of buttons somewhere in the middle of a button-down shirt. Position this type of wireless portable microphone about 6 to 8 inches below your neck for optimal effectiveness. The microphone plugs into a portable, battery-powered unit that transmits the signal to the speakers.

Over-the-Ear Microphones

Popular because of how lightweight and secure they are, over-the-ear microphones have a small yet comfortable plastic casing that fits behind your ear while a narrow wire holds a small microphone near your mouth. Much like a lapel microphone, it connects to a battery-powered unit about the size of a deck of cards. This unit transmits signals to the speakers in the classroom.

USB Microphones

Somewhat newer to the classroom voice reinforcement technology lineup, USB microphones are about the same size as two D-batteries placed back-to-back. Clip a USB microphone to your lapel or use a lanyard to hang it against your shirt like you would an ID badge or name tag. USB microphones don’t need a separate unit because the wireless transmitter is in the same equipment as the microphone itself rather than being connected to a separate unit for classroom voice reinforcement.

Select a Microphone to Fit Your Needs

These are the three main kinds of wireless portable microphones you’ll find with a classroom voice reinforcement system. While they each serve the same basic purpose, it’s important to select one that fits your needs and preferences. Wireless portable microphones are one of the best solutions for a classroom because they let the teacher maintain control over the volume versus a microphone on the table or in the ceiling where students’ voices might be heard.

Classroom Voice Reinforcement for Your School

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