3 Advantages of a Service Contract Through American Sound & Electronics

American Sound & Electronics does more than just install world-class professional audio-visual equipment. We offer service contracts for everything we install. Today’s blog showcases three advantages of service contracts from our company.

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We Bring All of the Equipment

Service contracts from American Sound & Electronics mean we bring all of the equipment for your installation, including video monitors, wiring, electrical cords, Ethernet cables, coaxial cables, and everything else the audio-visual equipment requires to operate properly. Our installers make sure the new equipment works with your existing infrastructure.

What about future upgrades? Our staff brings all the equipment for that install, too. We test, re-test, and test again to make sure everything works properly.

Handle Training

American Sound & Electronics trains your staff on how to use video walls, conference room equipment, and classroom technology at the time of installation. But what about new employees? A service contract means we’ll come out and train any new employees on how to use the equipment. 

What happens when there are software upgrades? When your equipment has new software to install, our teams train your employees on how to use new features that open up due to the upgrades in the operation of your A/V equipment.

Replace or Repair Systems

We deal in professional-grade Samsung equipment. Samsung offers warranties from one to three years. Our service contract makes sure your audio-visual equipment stays within the warranty specifications. Warranties can save you money on future repairs or replacements.

In five years, your equipment may be outdated. What if you want to upgrade? Our service contract makes upgrades easier on your budget.

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Service Contracts by American Sound & Electronics

Installing professional video and sound equipment is part of what we do at American Sound & Electronics. We offer service after the sale that saves you money in the long-term with our service contracts. Contact American Sound online or call (859) 261-9024 to learn more about our service contracts and how they help your company or organization.