6 Factors to Consider When Installing a Professional Sound System

If you have a professional sound system installed in your business or venue, there are some things to consider before choosing what type of equipment to go with. 

American Sound explains some of the factors to be aware of before your installation.

1. Ceiling Height

Ceiling height is important to your professional sound system. Having a particularly high ceiling can create a reverberation effect, which makes noises sound like an echo. While sometimes this effect is purposely used in music, you typically don’t want it in your professional sound system.

A way to combat this is to install false ceilings. False ceilings help reduce the reverberation effect caused by a high ceiling and offer an alternative surface to mount the speakers from the ceiling.

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2. Acoustic Conditioning

Acoustic conditioning of the room can also improve sound quality. This can be done by looking into the elements of the room that might affect the acoustics and taking measures to minimize their effects.  Some of these elements include the size of the room, type of flooring, type of walls, and even ceiling height. For example, wood flooring will affect the sound differently than carpeting.

3. Number of Speakers

The number of speakers needed will depend on the size of the room and the desired sounds. For some areas, a couple of well-placed loudspeakers work best, while in others having frequently quiet speakers is the way to go. Placing the speakers in the right areas of the room can help to create the best sound quality. 

4. Type of Speakers

There are several common types of speakers used when installing professional sound systems. The type of speakers also matters. Some speakers are designed to produce louder sounds, and some are designed to produce more balanced sounds.

  • Pendant speakers hang from long cables from the ceiling and are great if you are not installing a false ceiling to help with acoustics.
  • Ceiling speakers are flat and mounted directly on the ceiling or false ceiling.
  • Surface mount speakers are a popular option because they can be placed just about anywhere.
  • Horn speakers are great for making announcements in loud environments.

5. Loudness of the Music and Sound

How you install your system will also depend on how loud you will need your music and sound to play. Do you need a quiet background ambiance? Or do you need to be able to hear the sound over the loud hustle and bustle of a crowd?

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6. Type of Sound

What type of sound you will be playing through your sound system will also affect your needs. A small boutique store that plays classical music will need a different setup than a stadium blasting music over cheering fans. Professional sound installers will be able to assess your needs and determine the right type of speakers and sound equipment to use.

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