Professional Sound & Video World Records

American Sound & Electronics has installed some huge sound systems. (How about the one in Paul Brown Stadium?) 

But have you seen the world’s most enormous video wall or biggest speaker system? In today’s blog from American Sound, we explore the wild and wonderful world records of sight and sound. 

World’s Largest Video Wall 

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is known for doing everything big. Their skyscrapers are among the world’s most dazzling feats of architecture and engineering. Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building.

But it’s the world’s largest video wall that has us talking. 

Located in the Dubai Aquarium at the Underwater Zoo, this video wall measures 709.69 square meters, or 7,639 square feet. To give you a point of reference, there are 48,000 square feet on an NFL football field. Aside from size, this jumbotron also sets records for the largest OLED screen and a video wall with the highest resolution. 

Now that’s a lot of pixels!

The Royal Albert Hall 

Built by Queen Victoria for her husband, Prince Albert, Royal Albert Hall was constructed in a dome design for better acoustics and opened in 1871. However, the acoustics were so poor that attendees would often hear echoes of the singers and musicians during performances, which proved to be a significant distraction from the intention of attending a show here. 

In 2017, Great Britain spent $2.7 million to install the world’s most extensive single-room sound system. This system comes with 465 new speakers and 50,000 feet of cables. The speakers were strategically placed to flow from the stage to the attendees and not echo off the floor or dome walls. 

The World’s Loudest Sound System: LEAF 

Located in the Netherlands, the Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) simulates the atmospheric conditions a spacecraft experiences during lift-off. 

Built in 1989, scientists create LEAF’s enormous sound through nitrogen flowing over several round, metal modulators arranged in a sequence. Aside from the sheer size, this is what differentiates this speaker system from ones like we are used to that are built using software and use the basics of amplification. 

A typical conversation registers at about 60 decibels. If you’ve been to rock concerts, you know they can be loud because these speakers register at an average of about 120 dB. The sound LEAF measures is at a whopping 154 dB. That’s four times louder than a jet engine makes upon takeoff. 

The World’s Greatest Sound by American Sound

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