How to Create Amazing Content for Your Video Wall

Are you or your team looking for ways to create amazing content for your video wall? Video walls provide an excellent tool for businesses, schools, and organizations to display dynamic and informative content. Whether you want to show off photos, videos, corporate culture, awards, or advertisements, a video wall can be a great way to capture the attention of your audience. 

The team at American Sound discusses the best practices for creating fantastic content for your video wall.

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Consider Contrast

When creating content for your video wall, contrast represents one important factor to consider. Contrast refers to the difference in brightness among various elements of your display, such as text, images, and backgrounds. Good contrast helps the content stand out to grab someone’s attention.

When text has good contrast against the background, it becomes more legible and readable from a distance. Contrast comes in handy for busy entryways, where viewers may only have a few seconds to glance at the screen, such as a storefront, escalator, or hallway.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of an image or video, and it can greatly affect the overall viewing experience on a video wall. The wrong aspect ratio can result in a distorted or stretched image, which can make it difficult for viewers to understand the message you are trying to convey.

Choosing the right aspect ratio for your video wall will ensure that your content displays correctly and looks great. Consider the type of content you want to display and the size and resolution of your video wall when selecting the aspect ratio. For example, someone’s portrait or face might look better in a vertically oriented aspect ratio versus a horizontally oriented aspect ratio, while a plate of food might be the opposite.

Know the Viewing Distance

If your audience views the video wall from a close distance, you can create content with more detail, as people can see everything clearly. However, if the viewer sees the images far away from the video wall, even up to 50 to 100 feet away, your content needs to have bigger and bolder elements that can be seen from a distance, including a larger font size. Having a large video wall in a huge entryway offers an appropriate canvas for large images. However, a smaller entryway or storefront would do better with images that are more concise.

If the video wall sits in a public area where people walk by, you need to keep in mind that the viewers will not have much time to read your content. So, it is crucial to keep your message short and simple. Use eye-catching colors and graphics to attract their attention and make them stop to take a look.

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Keep Text Short and Simple

Consider keeping the text short and simple. Why? Well, the primary goal of a video wall is to capture the attention of viewers and convey a message effectively. After all, a video wall uses imagery to convey messages quickly. And you increase the likelihood of your audience understanding the message you want to communicate in a short span of time.

In the fast-paced digital world we live in, people have shorter attention spans and have a lot going on, so it’s essential to get your message across in a concise and easily digestible manner. Long paragraphs or complicated sentences just won’t work here. 

Use Moving Graphics

Incorporating moving graphics into your video wall helps you create engaging content. Moving graphics add a layer of interest to your display, helping to capture customers’ attention. A well-designed animation or motion graphic can tell a story, convey an emotion, or highlight a product or service in a visually compelling way that’s different from ordinary video. 

When using moving graphics, it’s important to consider the length and complexity of the animation. Keep the animation short and sweet so that customers can easily grasp the message. You can also consider incorporating different types of movements, such as parallax scrolling, panning, or zooming, to create a sense of depth or draw attention to specific areas of the display. 

Video Wall Installation

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