Conference Room Technology & Equipment FAQs

American Sound & Electronics serves many industries, including offices and corporate spaces that need professional conference rooms to handle clear communication among team members or clients at remote locations. 

Today, our team answers several FAQs regarding conference room technology and equipment.

What equipment do you need for effective conference room technology?

A conference room requires several technological components to work together, including:

  • Speakers or sound bar
  • Video screen
  • Microphones
  • Computer
  • Wireless capability
  • Interactive whiteboard

Different software requires various hardware. What works for Skype or Zoom may not work for Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. A professional sound installer can help you identify the right conference room equipment you need for your setup.

How do I set up conference room technology and equipment?

Size and budget are two main considerations for how you set up your conference room. 

  1. Start with the video display. Smaller rooms with fewer people may not need a huge 86-inch screen.
  1. Choose a compatible video camera. Most video cameras attach to the back of the video display, meaning you look at the screen while people appear to look back at you. This setup increases engagement with your remote teams.
  1. Next, look for appropriate speakers. You may only want one small speaker installed by the display because that is where everyone focuses their visual attention. Portable speakers may be convenient if you’re going to pass them from person to person. Larger rooms may need bigger or multiple speakers.
  1. Microphones offer several varying levels of sensitivity. While people can use laptops or portable mics, it may be more convenient to have a single microphone that can pick up everyone’s vocalizations in the room. 

A professional audio-visual company can help you set up the conference room technology and train your staff to use it.

How big should a meeting room video display be?

The size of your video display depends on how far away the farthest viewer is from the screen. 

  • 65” screen is ideal for people 15 to 16 feet away from the monitor
  • 75” screen for people 17 to 19 feet away
  • 86” for 20 to 22 feet away
  • A video wall or multiple displays for anything larger than 22 feet of distance

Because these large screens require expert installation without damaging your nice office wall, we highly recommend professionals to mount the display to the wall. Our staff can center the monitor against the wall to optimize it for the size of the room.

What kind of table do I need for my conference room?

Your table must blend practicality with comfort. Purchase a conference table with outlets and charging ports for mobile devices and laptops. 

The following room sizes and tables are a great rules to follow:

16 x 12 room size with an 8’ table to seat six to eight people

18 x 12 room with a 10’ table for eight to 10 people

20 x 12 room gets a 12’ table to seat 10 to 12 people

The room size and number of people determine how big of a video display you require.

Who should install my conference room technology and equipment?

Professional installation is the best way to go for conference room technology and equipment for excellent results and a cohesive appearance. American Sound & Electronics can help! Contact us for more information or call (859) 261-9024.

Conference Room Technology Must-Haves In the Digital Age

In a post-COVID digital age where remote teams are still primarily the norm, it’s more important than ever for corporate entities to have adequate conference room technology. Having the right equipment will improve your productivity and communication and streamline your workflow.

If you’re ready to take your conference room to the next level, American Sound & Electronics can help. Here are three conference room technology must-haves.

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Three conference room technology must-haves in 2021

1. Touch panels

No more typing on your computer or using a remote to present your ideas to clients and executives! Instead, touch panels (also sometimes called smartboards) are essentially giant smartphone screens that are mounted on the wall of your conference room. These fully interactive whiteboards allow you to draw, swipe, and write notes directly on the board to explain ideas with greater ease. You can even connect your printer to provide copies of your presentations with the notes included. 

2. Video conferencing system

Whether you need to communicate with remote teams or meet with clients, world-class video conferencing technology with large screens and speakers can make group meetings much easier and more effective. With the right conference room technology and equipment, you can easily empower participants to communicate with one another (without bulky microphones), share files, capture screens, interact in real-time, and much more.

3. Room scheduling technology

Gone are the days when teams accidentally book the same meeting room at the same time. Instead, room scheduling technology enables teams to tap into calendar software and easily schedule a meeting and avoid any conflicts. You can even combine this software with a virtual assistant and smart speakers to verbally schedule meetings without having to manually type anything into your computer. 

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Implement the Latest Conference Room Technology with American Sound & Electronics

The recommendations above are all excellent additions to any conference room. If you’d like more details on the conference room systems we install, please call (859) 261-9024 or contact us online.

Hardware to Use for Your Zoom Conference Room

Finding the proper hardware for your conference room or workstation can be the difference between hours of wasted time and consistently hosting productive and collaborative meetings. And with remote work becoming more of the norm today, it’s more essential than ever to have remote conference capabilities that provide high-quality sound, video, and interactive capabilities. 

To ensure that your conference room is up to the challenge, here are a few devices that American Sound recommends installing because their design is a natural pairing to Zoom Rooms, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Meetings. 

Neat Bar

The Neat Bar is a compact meeting device. It provides high-quality audio and video and comes with a built-in intelligent room sensor technology known as Neat Sense, which monitors the meeting space environment’s air quality, humidity, CO2, and the number of people in the room.

Logitech Rally Bar Appliance

This video bar is excellent for a mid-size conference room. Ideal for video collaboration, you can plug and play Rally Bar with any PC or Mac or run the Zoom Rooms on the device itself without a computer. It also features calendar integration, touch-to-join, instant content sharing, and more.

Neat Board

This collaboration device features a 65” 4K multi-touch screen, wide-angle camera, and powerful audio capabilities. Set up is easy, and you can choose from a floor stand, wall, or table mount to fit your conference room. It also offers Neat Sense technology so you can monitor your meeting space.

Yealink MeetingBar A30

Practical and straightforward, the Yealink MeetingBar A30 is an all-in-one video collaboration bar, ideal for a medium-sized conference room. It’s based on Android 9.0 OS and features a dual-camera system, enhanced smart video and HD audio, and more. 

If you’re using the A30 meeting bar, no PC or Mac is required, and you’ll enjoy a convenient and fast setup because it combines a computing unit, camera, speaker, microphones, Wi-FI, and Bluetooth.

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Want more details on conference room hardware installation?

Contact American Sound & Electronics. The above hardware recommendations are all great additions to any conference room, but if you’d like to know which meeting room systems we install, please call (859) 261-9024 or contact us online.

How American Sound Optimizes Your Conference Rooms

Having the right conference room equipment and setup makes it easier to connect, collaborate, and produce great things! If your conference room is lacking, there are many ways you can optimize your setup for the best results. Here are some of the ways American Sound & Electronics can take your conference rooms to the next level.

More AV equipment

Your computer’s microphone and a set of speakers simply aren’t going to cut it in a modern setup. With more employees working these days remotely, conference rooms demand much more, and poor sound quality can significantly disrupt your company’s ability to be productive. 

We can help you improve by outfitting your meeting space with microphones specifically designed for video conferencing, so everyone can easily hear one another without having to pass a mic around the room.

We can install several microphone pickups for larger conference rooms to fit the space better and ensure the best sound quality possible. Ceiling and wall-mounted microphones are even an option. 

These will significantly improve your meetings, so you’ll spend less time trying to decipher what team members are saying and more time making progress on projects and tasks.

Room scheduling with smart speaker integration

For large organizations, room scheduling gives employees the ability to book conference rooms for meetings or workspace. With high-quality room scheduling technology, individuals can quickly locate the space that best serves their needs and reserve it right away.

At American Sound & Electronics, we can help you implement this technology and combine it with smart speakers and a virtual assistant so you can verbally book your meeting in the fitting conference room without having to type a thing. (Talk about convenience!) A room scheduler can also connect with remote workers for easy collaboration.

Interactive video conferences

Remote video collaboration can do wonders to build your team and boost productivity. With an interactive display, you can host highly engaging and inclusive meetings with employees who work remotely and on-site. 

Whether you favor Zoom, Go To Meeting, Slack, or some other conference call software, we can install an interactive video display that will enable you to include things like polls, quizzes, and virtual whiteboard annotations in meetings and presentations.

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Find Out How We Can Optimize Your Conference Rooms Today

Having the right reliable equipment can genuinely transform any conference room into a well-used space that produces fruitful meetings and enhances collaborative efforts. If you’re ready to update your conference room with new hardware installation, call us at (859) 261-9024 or contact us online to learn more about our services.

Conference Room Technology Design Trends to Watch

With many companies fully embracing remote work opportunities, conference room technology design trends are quickly changing. To stay competitive, look at some of the top trends to watch for in 2021 from American Sound & Electronics.

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1. LED Video Walls

LED video walls are more common now, and thus, they’re also more affordable. They offer better quality visuals than projectors or monitors do, with bright and vivid colors and high-quality, clear and sharp images. LED video walls can also save you money down the line because they are extremely energy-efficient. (For reference, they use about half as much energy as projectors.) They also boast lower operational and maintenance costs when compared to monitors and projectors.

2. Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards give you the ability to create more dynamic presentations and keep people engaged. This conference room technology makes meetings run more smoothly by enhancing video conferencing with premium features that allow you to do several things.

Interactive whiteboards can:

  • Record video conferences.
  • Spotlight a particular area on the whiteboard (drive attention there instead of elsewhere).
  • Zoom in and magnify images.
  • Screen shade (hide particular information and reveal it when needed).
  • Take screenshots (to use later as handouts).
  • Run files, programs, and apps that are designed for computers.
  • Surf the internet.
  • Play videos.

3. Custom-Branded Conference Rooms

With video conferencing becoming the new norm for many businesses, more organizations are jazzing up their conference rooms to spark creativity and inspire employees. Adding custom-branded signage, painting an accent wall with branded images and design, is a great way to transform a boring conference room, enhance a team’s company culture, and make online conferences more interesting and engaging. However, you’ll want to be careful that you don’t go overboard. Too much signage or paint might also be distracting, so balance is key.

4. Full Automation

When your conference room technology fails you and refuses to work well together, company leaders and employees get equally frustrated and annoyed. Not to mention how it hampers your productivity. Instead, many organizations are beginning to install an intuitive automation system in their conference room. This type of automated system ensures that lighting and audio/visual gear all work efficiently and cohesively.

Need Conference Room Technology Installation From the Pros?

If you want to take your conference room technology to the next level, contact American Sound & Electronics for installation. We can help you transform your conference room into a more useful and effective space.