10 Reasons to Get an LED Video Wall

Video walls offer your sports bar, professional sports venue, corporate office, or industrial facility a way to put your best digital images or videos on display for customers, workers, and clients. 

Why do you need an LED video wall? We’ll showcase 10 reasons why.

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1. Entertain People

High-quality images and videos make a fantastic first impression on people who see the gigantic, larger-than-life images or the latest show on TV. In addition to food and drinks, the lifeblood of sports bars includes LED video walls where games keep your patrons entertained for hours while the drinks flow. Professional venues can also use video walls to project images of performers on the stage.

2. Disseminate Information

Your employees, guests, or customers may need vital information about your building or company. For example, you can showcase your company’s products or services on an LED video wall as part of your marketing. Employees can view shift schedules, company news, a map of the building, or emergency information. For security rooms or television production facilities, engineers in a secure location can easily view everything happening on the monitors.

3. Advertise

Clear, crisp images create a digital canvas upon which to paint a picture worth millions of words to your target audience. Deep colors, high-resolution images, and video can make brands stand out and give your company or whoever owns the LED video wall passive income for as long as people pay for advertising.

4. Interact With Customers

Interactive displays provide engaging ways to capture people’s attention. Museums can bring their subjects to life with quality imagery and storytelling and allow guests to choose their next adventure if they want to learn more about specific subjects.

5. Host Great Meetings

Conference rooms and meeting rooms are becoming increasingly important with the day-to-day operations of companies everywhere. LED video walls let your team see remote workers or faraway collaborators easily and effortlessly. Think about surgeons consulting with each other on an operation with a high-definition camera in the operating room and a consulting surgery team watching on a video wall to give expert advice.

6. Welcome Guests

Your front lobby may provide the first impression to many guests. Do you need to point people where to go for tonight’s performance or which theater the movie is showing in? Create a lasting impression with a large LED video wall. Put your logo on the wall welcoming guests to your venue’s charitable event, convention, or trade show.

7. Showcase Your Products

Customers in your store can get product information quickly and easily through a QR code posted to your LED video wall. Have a huge sale going on? Display it on your LED video wall. Want to highlight a particular product line? Have a video of a customer using your product on the video wall. Produce a QR code for coupons, offers, and limited-time deals to generate buzz about your in-store sales.

8. Teach People

LED video walls help professors, lecturers, and teachers get their lessons across to students. This is especially true in larger lecture halls with hundreds and even hybrid teaching where some students learn from home because the cameras broadcasting a lecture on the big screen can double as a way to transmit information through the internet. Imagine illustrating a concept through a map, graph, or video on a large screen that everyone can see clearly.

9. Broadcast in High Resolution 

In the past, larger screens meant lower resolutions the bigger they became. That’s no longer the case with digital technology inherent in LED video walls. Whether your facility wants one 8 x 4.5 feet or 64 by 36 feet, the resolution doesn’t taper off the larger the video wall gets.

10. Wow Everyone

LED video walls give your brand a chance to wow every person who sees one. Whether you want to point the way to your new exhibit or need to get your spiritual message across, a video wall can leave a lasting impression on people in the right way.

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