Video Walls for Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Video walls are great additions to sports stadiums because they are bright and light up the field with color and excitement. They are quickly becoming a staple of any sporting event as a way to display everything from scores to trivia questions. So how can video walls be used in sports stadiums and arenas?

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Stadium Signs

Digital display signs are a must in any modern sports stadium. In our digital age, they are even expected by fans. These video walls are used for displaying scores and timers, player information, and even replaying important plays for the audience to get a closer look.

If you are interested in showing advertisements on the field, a stadium sign is a great way to project them to a large audience. Outdoor LED video walls are bright and eye-catching and can make your stadium look up-to-date.

Stadium signs can also help cover large, unused areas surrounding the field in a more interesting way than flat, printed signs. Signs throughout the stadium, like on concourses, can display menus, directions, and information to your target audience.


A video wall makes a great digital display for a scoreboard. They are easy to update, and time can be adjusted instantly. Being displayed on a large screen makes the score easily visible to all the fans watching, especially at night.

Over-the-Field Video Wall

Having a video wall above the entire field, much like the So-Fi Stadium, allows for constant, high-definition information and videos to be displayed to the audience.

This can include:

  • Scores
  • Player stats and information
  • Advertisements for food, beverages, or merchandise
  • Sponsor advertisements
  • Entertainment, like videos and trivia
  • Interactive elements
  • Game replays

These video walls are often displayed front and center over the field and add to the excitement of the game. The one in So-Fi Stadium is particularly large.


A video wall is a must at any large concert as well. Not all of the audience can be front and center, and those further back love to have a close-up of the performers on display. Large LED display walls on either side of the stage can amplify the performance by showing individual band members, special effects, and more. Video walls are great for comedians.

Video walls can also be used behind the stage for added colors, videos, and special effects. Often these walls brighten up the arena, and the displays are worked into the show for added excitement.

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