Get More for Your Money: Audio Visual Equipment Rental

Are you planning an event and trying to decide whether to rent or purchase audio-visual equipment? Rental is often the better option! By renting audio-visual equipment, you’ll save money, time, and stress. With audio-visual equipment rental, you can get the latest tech for a fraction of the cost of buying it, and you won’t have to worry about storing or maintaining the equipment after your event. 

American Sound discusses the benefits of renting audio-visual equipment and why it’s usually the wiser choice. Read on to learn more!

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Expertise and Technical Support

One of the major advantages of renting audio-visual equipment is the expertise and technical support that comes with it. When you rent from a reputable company, you gain access to knowledgeable professionals who can help you select the right equipment for your event and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Audio-visual equipment can be complex and intimidating to set up and operate, especially if you’re not familiar with it. Renting allows you to tap into the expertise of professionals specializing in audio-visual equipment. They can provide guidance on the best equipment for your specific needs, including audio systems, projectors, screens, lighting, and more.

Variety and Flexibility in Equipment Selection

Renting A-V equipment offers a wide variety and flexibility that purchasing simply can’t match. Rental companies understand that every event is unique and may require different types of equipment. That’s why we offer a diverse range of options to choose from. Whether you need a high-quality sound system, a large projection screen, or specialized lighting equipment, renting allows you to select the exact equipment that fits your event’s needs.

We regularly update our inventory to stay current with industry advancements. This means you can showcase your event with state-of-the-art equipment without the high cost of purchasing and maintaining it yourself.

Time and Convenience

When you rent, you eliminate the need to spend time researching, purchasing, and setting up equipment. Instead, you can focus on other important aspects of planning your event.

Setting up audio-visual equipment can be time-consuming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. We provide technicians who are skilled in the setup and operation of the equipment, allowing you to save valuable time. 

No Need for Storage or Maintenance

When you purchase equipment, you are responsible for finding a safe and suitable space to store it when not in use. This can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a dedicated storage area. Not to mention, audio-visual equipment can be delicate and sensitive, requiring specific conditions for optimal storage. Renting eliminates this headache entirely.

When you own audio-visual equipment, you are also responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. This includes regular cleaning, repairs, and updates. Maintenance can be time-consuming and costly, as you may need to hire professionals for repairs or replace outdated parts.

Audio Visual Equipment Rental With American Sound

American Sound, with offices in Cincinnati, Louisville, and Indianapolis, provides audio-visual equipment rental for your conferences, corporate events, and celebrations. Call (859) 261-9024 for more information on what our team can do for you.

Top 5 Reasons for Event Audio-Visual Rental From American Sound

American Sound is proud to be Greater Cincinnati’s premier professional sound company with offices in Louisville, Indianapolis, and Phoenix. We offer event audio-visual rentals for any occasion. Whether you have a convention, keynote speech, celebration, party, remote meeting, or videoconference, we can provide the equipment you need. Today’s blog from American Sound showcases the top five reasons for choosing event audio-visual rentals from us. 

1. You Know What You’re Getting

Take a look at our inventory. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting from American Sound for event audio-visual rentals. We offer video displays, projectors, sound equipment, microphones, speakers, lighting, and laptops. Our staff shows you precisely what you’re getting so you can create the optimal setup for your special event.

2. Professional Setup

Not only will we deliver the items you need for your event audio-visual rentals, but we’ll also set it up and take it down. Talk to us about having our technicians hook all of the items up so they work efficiently and effectively for your event. We’ll make sure the computer works with the projector, the microphone connects to the speakers, and the lighting looks great.

3. Top Technology

American Sound uses only the top technology for audio-visual event rentals. We are an exclusive Samsung equipment provider. Samsung is the top professional sound equipment provider in the world, outfitting music studios, concert tours, and high-end events all over the globe.

4. Locally Owned & Operated

Since 1947, American Sound has been locally owned and operated in the Greater Cincinnati area. We’re the official A-V integrator of the Cincinnati Bengals. When we see or hear one of our installations, we take pride in knowing that we did our best possible job for one of our neighbors for an event audio-visual rental. We’re dedicated to installing only the best professional sound equipment, video walls, and sound masking equipment in Cincinnati to ensure practicality, clarity, and “wow” factor. We put this same dedication in our event audio-visual rentals.

5. Fantastic Customer Service

If you have any questions, we’re here to help you any time during business hours. We respond to inquiries promptly with regards to installations and event audio-visual rentals. Our team values your business, and we’ll earn your business with every rental. 

Event Audio-Visual Rental by American Sound

Have an upcoming event that needs professional audio-visual equipment? We offer a wide range of items for your conference, party, convention, speaking engagement, or high-level meeting. Contact American Sound or call (859) 261-9024 for more details on what event audio-visual rental equipment we can provide for you.