How to Combine Hybrid Learning and Classroom Sound Reinforcement Technology

Many school districts across the country are turning to a hybrid learning model. Teachers combine in-class learning with remote learning as students connect from home using laptops or mobile devices. 

When combined with internet connectivity, classroom sound reinforcement can help teachers reach the most students in the most effective ways. Today’s blog from American Sound explains how to combine hybrid learning and classroom sound reinforcement.

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Hearing the Teacher’s Voice

One key to learning, both in class and at home, is hearing the teacher’s voice. A teacher needs to make sure every student can hear his or her lessons, whether 30 kids are in the room or just five. 

Classroom sound reinforcement alleviates the strain on the teacher’s voice through the mask while making sure their voice comes through loud and clear in the speaker system. But how do you set up the system to make sure students at home can hear, too?

Setting Up Microphones

Wireless microphones represent the best setup for hybrid learning and classroom sound reinforcement. Make sure your wireless microphone technology connects to the room’s speakers and the computer that transmits the lessons to your students. 

State-of-the-art wireless microphones use a USB drive that plugs into the laptop to serve as a direct audio connection. That prevents feedback from the overhead speaker from creating a loop of squeals and static. Plus, that direct audio link makes it easier for students to hear a teacher’s unfiltered voice compared to one that goes through the teacher’s microphone, a speaker, the computer’s microphone, and then the student’s speakers. 

Dual Receivers

To accomplish effective hybrid and in-room learning with classroom sound reinforcement, you’ll need a wireless microphone system with dual receivers that connect directly to computers and speakers at the same time. 

Other considerations include:

  • Does the classroom sound reinforcement reach the entire room?
  • Is the system user-friendly?
  • Can it reproduce sound so everyone can understand the teacher clearly?

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Classroom Technology by American Sound

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