Hybrid Teaching Technology FAQs

American Sound helps teachers have more effective classroom settings and outcomes with classroom sound reinforcement systems as well as interactive classroom technology that helps your students engage with their lessons.

Hybrid teaching has made huge strides and headlines since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our modern world and how teachers handle their lesson plans and teaching methods.

Today, our team answers frequently asked questions about hybrid teaching technology.

What hybrid teaching technology does each classroom need?

Hybrid teaching involves in-person and remote learning. As such, you must set up your classroom for both types of teaching for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Computers. The teacher needs a desktop computer to manage everything effectively, while students should have laptops or tablets so they can follow along in their lessons.
  2. Video technology. In addition to cameras, there are devices called visualizers that allow teachers to show intricate details by magnifying a small object, such as a leaf, document, insect, image, or chart, and displaying the object on a screen in the classroom or on a student’s computer monitor. If you walk around as you teach, auto-tracking cameras are vital to this teaching model.
  3. A wearable microphone. A teacher should wear a portable microphone so students can hear every part of the lesson.
  4. Speakers. The microphone should connect to speakers in the classroom but also the remote learners. Everyone should be able to hear the teacher.
  5. Interactive displays in the classroom allow you to change what’s on the screen and send what’s on the display to students’ computers at home.
  6. Interactive control boxes let teachers to share screens through multiple sources, allowing students with computers to see the same information.
  7. Charging carts and cabinets. For in-classroom learners, you need a secure place to charge laptops and tablets. A cabinet or cart specifically designed for this purpose keeps everything safe and secure.

How is hybrid teaching technology set up?

Every classroom is different, and a professional sound system installation company can help you with your hybrid teaching technology setup. The exact configuration depends on the technology tools you have on hand, the size of the physical classroom, the shape of the room, and how many students you have.

Here is a basic way to set up your classroom tech:

  1. Install cameras so remote and in-person learners can see all materials on the board and in the classroom, and so they can see the teacher when needed.
  2. Arrange the cameras around the communication and collaborative technology tools, such as whiteboards and visualizers.
  3. Keep your physical classroom space flexible and moveable, depending on classroom activities. While a traditional setup can work for some lessons, when you teach other lessons, it might be more appropriate to have a circular arrangement where in-person learners form a circle around the teacher.

Why should my school invest in hybrid teaching technology?

Several good reasons to invest in this technology include:

  1. Fostering every kind of learning style: audial, visual, and hands-on.
  2. Offers collaborative learning.
  3. Teaches children how to use technology at a young age, which will help them later in life.
  4. Professional equipment works together to bring about the best learning outcomes.
  5. State-of-the-art equipment makes teaching easier and more effective.
  6. Modern equipment is upgradeable.
  7. New, professional equipment lasts for several years, allowing your school system to get the most out of your investment.

Who should I contact about professional hybrid teaching technology?

Contact American Sound for more information, or call (859) 261-9024 in Cincinnati or (502) 694-3339 in Louisville. 

We’ll discuss your needs and options with you.