5 Major Benefits of Video Wall Systems

Video walls are more than just a fancy TV. They are computer-controlled interactive displays that allow you to view multiple streams of information at once. The options are endless due to the dedicated computer processor. American Sound & Electronics discusses five major benefits of video wall systems.

1. Improved Visual Resolution

Single display projectors have a maximum resolution based on the surface area they cover. Video walls increase their resolution with every display added to an array. Not only do you get more surface area with a video wall, but you also achieve better resolution versus a single unit. If you decide to add more monitors later, you increase the resolution even more.

2. Versatility

Video walls are more than just TV screens. One monitor could show a news feed, while another might display real-time data relevant to your company or clientele. Another segment of the video wall could show a live feed from somewhere in your building or outside the facility. Everything is integrated, synchronized, and controlled from a single processor or bank of processors dedicated to displaying exactly what you need.

3. Interactivity

Video walls deliver engaging, interactive presentations that keep your audience interested in what they’re viewing. For example, you’re live streaming a conference hosted by your company at a downtown hotel. Not everyone can attend, but it’s a marquee event that you want to showcase to your employees and clients coming in the door. A video wall can display multiple camera angles and views all at once without sacrificing image size or resolution.

4. Better Brightness

The technology behind video walls achieves better brightness levels compared to a single monitor or projector. You don’t have to dim the lights or reduce ambient light to see a clear picture. Projector images become washed out and blurry when they get bigger. You don’t have these issues with a video wall.

5. Multiple Content Streams

TVs and projectors are often limited in the types of content they can display at once. A video wall controller manages signals from multiple devices at the same time, including satellite dishes, cable boxes, computers, cameras, wireless connections, and HDMI cables. You don’t need to press a button and wait for your projector to switch from one format to the other. A video wall controls this process seamlessly.

Video Walls Installed by American Sound & Electronics

Many types of businesses need video walls so they can view and interpret data or visual imagery. Video walls are also great for the wow factor. Security firms, TV stations, corporate headquarters, event venues, and schools all benefit from video walls. Contact American Sound & Electronics or call (859) 261-9024 for more details on what we can do for you.